Media Technology MSc

“Tender” student project went viral

Tender, an installation by students Cors Brinkman, Jeroen van Oorschot, Marcello Maureira and Matei Szabo, remarks on the often cited "meat-market" quality of dating apps like Tinder. It does so by literally having a slab of lifeless meat right-swipe photo-profiles on Tinder, effectively marking them as acceptable for dating...

A video of this project recently went viral over the web.

Tender -- it's how people meat
(Animated GIF by Beckett Mufson, thanks!)

The project was already completed in November 2014 within the Meta Media course and the video was uploaded around that time. Only after the project appeared on in late May 2015, the number of views started increasing greatly. Other websites, such as and reported on the project, and from there things went hectic.

22 June 2015