Media Technology MSc

Talk by Dr Janelle Ward

On Friday June 1st, Dr Janelle Ward will give a talk at Media Technology on the topic of autoethnography, an approach to academic research that integrates science with elements of autobiography and creative writing. We are proud to welcome Dr Ward at our programme, and look much forward to this event! 

Date: 1 June 2018 at 15.15pm

Location: Snellius Building, room 413

Registration: free; non-Media Technology students are advised to send an email to to be sure of a seat

Title and abstract:

Writing the (creative) self into research: The process and product of autoethnography

Doing academic research in a creative way is key to uncovering new insights. As a creative researcher, are you really thinking outside the box? For example, have you ever imagined reflecting on and writing about your personal experience in order to better understand your research topic? In this talk I will discuss autoethnography, an approach that combines elements of autobiography and ethnography. We will discuss how autoethnography lets you embrace subjectivity, and in the process, challenges traditional notions of what academic research is.  

The talk will be followed by a short discussion and a "borrel" sponsored by Media Technology.

Dr Janelle Ward 

Dr Janelle Ward is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Media and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her primary research expertise is in digital communication. Currently she studies how people create and maintain online identities on online platforms and dating apps. Besides her academic carreer she is active as a creative writer. For more information on her research and other activities, see her personal page at the Erasmus University.

1 June 2018