Media Technology MSc

Students present at Processing Community Day Amsterdam

This Saturday, February 9th, Media Technology students present their works from the ‘Hardware and Physical Computing’ course at the Processing Community Day in Amsterdam.

When and where
Day: February 9th 2019
Time: 11:00 - 24:00
Location: FIBER Office | Open Coop (Tolhuisweg 2, Amsterdam)

Details and programme

Order your free tickets here. Please note that a waiting list applies for day tickets.

Media Technology installations
Some of our most interesting thoughts and creations come to life when we are free to be playful, free to explore, and free to experiment. In this collection of installations, creators of the Media Technology group at Leiden University showcase works created on the theme "Creation Without Purpose". For a group made up of engineers, communication scientists, and designers, creating with the expressed aspiration to do 'nothing useful' is as unusual as it is challenging. The resulting works are interactive thought experiments that invite further discussion about the transformative potential of making.


9 February 2019