Media Technology MSc

Student Arnaud Loonstra presents at FOSDEM 2015

Arnaud Loonstra (images ripped off the web. If you made it: thank you!Media Technology student Arnaud Loonstra will present his ideas about an orchestration protocol for live performances, rapid prototyping and the Internet of Things, at FOSDEM 2015 in Brussels.

Trying to control multiple computers in live performances is a challenging task. Often computers intercommunicate using fixed or manually configured parameters. However when projects expand across many devices this is hard to maintain, especially in situations where parameters are prone to change. Arnaud will present the Z25 Orchestration Control Protocol (ZOCP), a new protocol that solves this problem by enabling flexibility and autonomous configurations in an orchestrated environment.

FOSDEM is a major global gathering of more than 5000 geeks (their own words) from open source communities. This year it is organized by the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Read more about Arnaud's presentation.

1 February 2015