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Screening of artificial intelligence documentary “AlphaGo”

AlphoGo movie poster On Thursday March 8 the LIACS institute organizes a screening of the award-winning documentary "AlphaGo" (2017). This movie was made available to LIACS by Google.

Professor of Machine Learning Holger Hoos will host an introduction and Q&A session. The event ends at 17:30h with drinks and snacks at the FooBar.

Colleagues, students, alumni and other interested guests are welcome to attend. Admission is free of cost after you register here.

Google DeepMind’s researchers built the artificially intelligent AlphaGo algorithm. It was programmed to learn how to play the ancient Go board game by analysing previous games and playing against older versions of itself. The game is known to be more computationally complex than chess. With defeating master Go player Lee Sedol, the documentary AlphaGo chronicles one of the great triumphs of artificial intelligence so far.

Thursday March 8, 15:30 - 17:30h (followed by drinks and snacks in the FooBar)

Gorlaeus Building (Einsteinweg 55), lecture room 1.

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8 March 2018