Media Technology MSc

Lecture: Real animals and organisms in computer games, Feb 18

Part of the Media Technology MSc exhibition "50%" Presented by V2_ institute for the unstable media Public lecture: Using Real Animals and Organisms in Computer Games by Maarten Lamers and Wim van Eck Saturday February 18th, 16:00 Computer games have undergone major changes in the last decade: the Wii made us play more physically, smartphones made us play more casually, and serious gaming is the current hype. Will biological-digital games be next? What computer games can you play against real cats, pigs and hamsters? Why do crickets play Pacman? How to play Pong against bacteria? This lecture is about scientific research into hybrid biological-digital games. This lecture is public, everyone is welcome and attendance is free. Location V2_ institute for the unstable media Eendrachtsstraat 10 Rotterdam