Media Technology MSc

Public lecture: Bronwyn Tarr (Oxford)

The MSc in Media Technology and the Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science have the pleasure to welcome Dr Bronwyn Tarr in Leiden on the 10th and 11th of May. Dr Tarr is affiliated to the Social & Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Group (SENRG) at the University of Oxford and has an impressive record of giving talks about her research into the psychological and neurobiological effects of dance and synchronous movement in humans.

You are cordially invited to join her public lecture taking place Wednesday May 10th at 4.15pm in room C6 of the Gorlaeus Building.

Title & abstract:

Synchrony and the social brain: results from silent disco and VR experiments

Although many consider themselves non-musical and incapable of dancing, the simple ability to synchronise to a musical beat is something we are born with. Might this be key in understanding why humans first began making music and dancing in the first place? In this talk I explore a range of recent psychological experiments on what happens in our brains and in our perceptions of others when we move in sync. The experiments span real-world studies involving silent disco technology, to those involving collaboration with Computer Scientists at Barcelona University, in which we created an immersive virtual reality experiment to test the effects of synchrony.

Time: Wednesday May 10th, 4.15pm-5.30pm
Location: room C6, Gorlaeus Building, Leiden
Registration: free entrance, limited number of seats; please register by sending an email to 

The lecture will be followed by a reception in the Science Club. 

On May 11th the MSc in Media Technology is organising the annual Social Technologies Student Symposium, at which Dr Tarr and Constance Scholten (entrepreneur and founder of Camarilla) will give the keynote addresses.

10 May 2017