Media Technology MSc

Playful research in highschool education, an article for STEM teachers

Media Technology lecturers Peter van der Putten and Maarten Lamers published an article for science and technology teachers to emphasize the importance of playfulness in student-research. The text appears in “Terugkoppeling”, the magazine for Dutch STEM teachers, issue 2018.1.

Read the text here:
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The article is currently available in Dutch only, but we'll happily translate it to English on request. Also, let us know your feedback or questions!

In fact, Peter and Maarten were the guest editors for this issue of Terugkoppeling. Another article by them, entitled "Bots Like You", can be found in the same issue but is not publicly available online. Moreover, on March 29, they will be the opening speakers at the national Bétatechniekdag for STEM teachers.

22 February 2018