Media Technology MSc

PhD work of Wim van Eck part of Berlin theater production

High-resolution videos of growing bacterial and fungal cultures, from the PhD work of Wim van Eck, were part of a theater production in Berlin. Wim van invited to attend the premier on November 10 in Berlin and even appeared on stage after the show.Wim's slowly evolving microbes are shown inside the large circle.

For his study of organically grown landscapes in video games, Wim developed a low-cost method for high-resolution imaging of growing microbial cultures. Growing on black agar developed by Wim, they were scanned every five minutes up to multiple weeks. The resulting time-laps videos are stunningly beautiful, and versions can be viewed online (low-res) or in Snellius Lab 410 (high-res).

Recently Wim was contacted by a Berlin theatre company requesting to use his videos in their newest production In Dir Schläft Ein Tir. After granting permission, Wim was invited to the premier in Berlin and to join the production crew and cast on-stage after show ended.

Earlier this year, his microbial videos appeared on Danish national public television and were included in high-school educational materials developed at the University of Wisconsin. Prior research videos by Wim van Eck were demonstrated by him on TV show De Wereld Draait Door and ridiculed by British comedian Ricky Gervais.

Making videos of your research output can lead to unexpected results.

17 November 2017