Media Technology MSc

Visit our “Parallels” Open Lab Expo

We would like to invite you all to our upcoming expo, themed 'Parallels' on June 29-30 in Peron E, Utrecht. See the expo web site for the latest info and a listing of exhibiting researchers and works.

Parallels connect matter and myth, metaphor and phenomenon, theory and observation, virtuality and reality, the physical and digital, and the present and the future. Parallels are like mirrors giving us a new perspective of our world and a way to extrapolate deep into the future. But just when you thought everything was perfectly aligned, you might be in for a surprise.

In this expo creative researchers from the Leiden University Media Technology MSc program will imagineer new realities, blending art, research and technology. This will not be a static expo, more a playful research lab that mixes scientific approaches to art with creative approaches to science, for all ages and audiences. The researchers work from personal inspiration and create physical works to explore concepts and engage the visitor to evoke ideas or questions. Many installations are interactive, some are early studies and prototypes, others will be more polished end products. The creative researchers will be around to discuss the concepts, inspiration, ideas and methods behind their work, and even hack some more on the fly. 

The expo combines works from the first year New Media New Technology course with selected works from the second year Semester Projects.


Hosted by: Peron E, Concordiastraat 80, Utrecht

Free admission. Please support us by signing up and sharing our Facebook Event, or follow us on Instagram.

We would like to thank Peron E, De Ping Pong Club, De Stadstuin and Skonk for hosting this event.

For more information, contact Peter van der Putten

29 June - 30 June 2019