Media Technology MSc

Language Evolution, a new course by Tessa Verhoef

Book used in the course on Language EvolutionOn December 8, the new course on Language Evolution will start, organized and given by Dr. Tessa Verhoef.

Language is a major characteristic that makes humans unique as a species. This intense research-seminar styled course takes students on an interdisciplinary journey through the field of language evolution and explores the many creative ways that evidence can be gathered to study the origins of this unique human trait. Students will explore current literature and experiment with computational and in-class simulations of language evolution processes. They will create an understanding of the breadth of the field of language evolution and the creative and interdisciplinary approach needed to investigate its questions.

Tessa is the newest member of the Media Technology research and education team, and we are very happy with her.

Go, Tessa, go!

8 December 2017