Media Technology MSc

Media Technology research at Lowlands Festival 2019

Telling stories is a very human activity, dating back to the dawn of civilization. But how do our stories change as they are retold by one person to the next? Which elements will survive, and what is lost? Our researchers study this at the Lowlands Music Festival. Read the report here.

Media Technology group members Tessa Verhoef and Max van Duijn will research this through their experiment "Lowlands Whispers", undertaken at the Lowlands Music Festival 2019. Their experiment lets Lowlands visitors generate a so-called "transmission-chain" of stories, more commonly known as the children's party-game "Chinese Whispers".

One experiment, multiple interests

The outcomes of their experiment should help Max van Duijn understand how stories help us see things from another person’s perspective and point of view, an active research interest of him. At the same time, Tessa Verhoef hopes to use the results for her Artificial Intelligence models of language evolution, a research topic in which she is an absolute rock-star. Interdisciplinarity at its best.

New Scientist and Omroep West reported on this research.

Want to know more? Good! Read about their research and experiment in Leiden University's news item (in English) or on the Lowlands website (in Dutch only).

16 August - 18 August 2019