Media Technology MSc

Media Technology exhibition “ARTIFICIAL”, at the V2_ Institute in Rotterdam

The V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media presents

"ARTIFICIAL" a Media Technology MSc exhibition

February 26–28, 12:00–18:00h
Opening Thursday February 25, 17:00h
V2, Rotterdam

See the Exhibition flyer for a description of exhibited works.


Media Technology MSc Program

At the Media Technology MSc program students are encouraged to develop a creative approach towards science. Students are educated to translate their personal interests and inspiration into research projects. We’re open to unusual questions, unconventional research methods and other forms of scientific output besides written articles. This includes installations, games and books as a possible result from scientific research. The semester project is a good example of our approach: students are asked to translate their statement into a work that functions within an exhibition context.


We have taken ‘ARTIFICIAL’ as global theme for this year’s semester project. From this global theme we have derived multiple sub- themes: artificial architecture, artificial gravity, artificial nature, artificial reality, artificial self, artificial stability, artificial X and authenticity. The students work in groups of typically three, each with their own sub-theme.

The semester project has three phases. First of all the students are asked to explore their theme in the broadest sense (social, mathematical, biological, etc) and discover what it could possibly relate to. After gaining sufficient insight they formulate compelling statements related to the theme. Only once this stage is completed they translate their statements into an installation. Together these installations form the semester project exhibition.

Exhibition Details

Opening hours
February 26–28, 12:00–18:00. Admission is free of cost.

Opening ceremony
Thursday, February 25th at 17:00h.

V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam (map)


Further details to be announced.


25 February - 28 February 2016