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Lecture ‘The role of kinship in collective action’ by Tamas David-Barrett, Oxford

All LIACS students and staff are cordially invited to join for Tamas David-Barrett's lecture on Friday June 10th, 11am, in Snellius building room 173 or 413 (depending on numbers).

The Role of Kinship in Collective Action


Dr. Tamas David-BarrettDr. Tamas David-Barrett is a behavioural scientist affiliated to the Social & Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Group (headed by prof. Robin Dunbar) at the University of Oxford and director of Inequality Regulating Institutions Project, Kiel Institute for the World Economy. He has a background in macro-economics and evolutionary anthropology and has published on a wide variety of topics including agent-based models of collective decision making, social network formation, and development of social relationships throughout the life course based on mobile telephone data.

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Please note: this lecture is not public, but for LIACS students and staff.

10 June 2016