Media Technology MSc

Invited lecture: “The Machine to be Another” by BeAnotherLab

On Monday Jan 26, there is a last-minute scheduled invited presentation by Christian Cherene (SP/UK) and Arthur Tres (FR/DE) of BeAnotherLab. They will talk about their work "The Machine To Be Another", which was created as part of their research into the effects of embodiment via virtual reality on empathy.

This presentation is public to all. Students are encouraged (strongly) to attend.

BeAnotherLab is an international collective that researches embodiment via VR, and its effects. Their works are very much based around DIY Science, exploratory in nature and have a practical hands-on approach. They often involve various communities of non-scientists, such as dancers and people with walking disabilities. Yet, they draw inspiration from scientific studies. Actually, their style of research is much like that of the Media Technology program.

The Machine To Be Another is an open-source interactive system designed to explore the relationship between identity and empathy through interdisciplinary performance-experiments. It draws from neuroscience, VR, storytelling and art. The work was awarded an Honorary Mention Interactive Art at the Ars Electronica Festival 2014.

Explore further:
- the same lecture at 31C3 Chaos Computer Congress, on YouTube
- The Machine to be Another on YouTube.

When and where:
Mon Jan 26, 13:30-14:30h
Room 413 in the Snellius building, Niels Bohrweg 1, Leiden

26 January 2015