Media Technology MSc

Installations SweetSpots and Emerging Traces at Discovery Festival

The installations 'Sweet Spots'  and 'Emerging Traces' will be exhibited at the Discovery Festival in Amsterdam, on Friday September 29.

Sweet Spots

Sweet spots, by students Matei Szabo and Roland van Dierendonck, is an experiment in multisensory perception, that challenges you to find the sweetspot in a mix of tactile and sensory inputs. Whilst exploring the possibilities you may discover new polyrithms. Sweet Spots has already been exhibited at 'De Nacht van Kunst en Kennis' and was first shown as a prototype at the New Media New Technology Open Lab Expo in June (see movie below or refer to here for more background).

Emerging Traces

Jelger Kroese, Lise Stork and Roland van Dierendonck created Emerging Traces, a troupe of artistic robots that merrily go round leaving tracks of paint, and react to each other as well as the traces they leave behind.

25 September 2015