Media Technology MSc

Workshop: How to get a PhD position

How to make the next step towards becoming a doctor?

Media Technology is a creative research program and a lot of students are interested in pursuing a PhD position. Many alumni have been successful in doing so.

That said, how to get a research position is clouded in mystery. Is it all about searching for jobs online, filling in application forms and obtaining recommendations letters? Or does the research tribe actually hunt for their candidates and make their decisions in much more informal ways, behind the scenes?

In this workshop hosted by Peter van der Putten and Maarten Lamers we ignore all the formalities and talk about how the game is really played, and we will be assisted by Media Technology alumni that landed cool research positions.

Just to avoid any confusion - we will discuss the secrets to finding a creative research PhD anywhere, not specifically within the MT program.

The workshop will take place on Friday January 13 2017 from 15:00-17:00h, location Gravensteen building, room 1.11, Pieterskerkhof 6, Leiden. It is targeted at Media Technology students and alumni but others are also welcome. Please register by sending Peter an email.

13 January 2017