Media Technology MSc

Guest lecture on music, brain, health & technology, by Rebecca Schaeffer

We have the pleasure to welcome Dr. Rebecca Schaefer of Leiden's Psychology Unit to our group. She will present a guest lecture about her research on Monday December 11. Although the lecture is part of the Creative Research course, more are invited to attend.

"Music, brain, health & technology: Examples from interdisciplinary research"
The neuroscience of music perception and production is a growing field, offering both fundamental insights and potential applications for health settings. In this talk, I will focus specifically on research projects using the brain signals of imagined music, and potential applications of these findings.

Rebecca Schaefer's university page

Paraphrasing her website: Rebecca's research interests are the neuroscience of moving to music, music performance and music imagination, aiming to apply these findings to rehabilitation settings. Her PhD work focused on developing cognitive tasks for Brain-Computer Interfaces, and specifically on decoding music imagery from electrical brain signals. She also carried out research on the interaction of music and movement, individual differences in rhythmic ability and imagery function.

Time                Monday 11/12/2017, 15:00 - 16:00h.
Location          room 413, Snellius Building, Niels Bohrweg 1, Leiden.
The lecture will be followed by a small informal reception in the FooBar.

11 December 2017