Media Technology MSc

Public Graduation Presentations

Leiden University seal Libertatis PraesidiumAll are invited to the public presentations of Media Technology MSc graduation projects on Friday, August 28th. In 20-25 minutes each, graduating students present their research project followed by a public discussion.

Hope to see you there!

When and Where?

Friday August 28, 10:00 - 17:00h
Academy Building, rooms 01 and 02
Rapenburg 73, 2311GJ Leiden

Language: English
All are welcome to attend.


Room 01:

10.00 – 10.35, Coen Dekker
"The impact of movie soundtracks on the estimation of driving speeds"
Advisors: Edwin van der Heide and Cynthia Liem (TU Delft)

10.45 – 11.20, Georgios Lampropoulos
"Learning choreography through visual perspective-taking"
Advisors: Edwin van der Heide and Peter van der Putten

11.30 – 12.05, Sam Verkoelen
"Exploring dimensionality reduction on semi-structured photos — a closer look at Exactitudes"
Advisors: Maarten Lamers and Peter van Putten

12.40 – 13.15, Arnaud Loonstra
"Concurrency for Creative Coding"
Advisors: Maarten Lamers and Wan J. Fokkink (VU Amsterdam)

13.25 – 14:00, Lisa Rombout
"Real-world versus Virtual Reality Treatment Simulations"
Advisors: Maarten Lamers and Bernhard Hommel (Fac of Social & Behavioural Sciences)

14.10 – 14.45, Brit Hopmann
"Visualizing the Invisible: Deep Reading and a New Republic of Letters"
Advisors: Jaap van den Herik and Charles van den Heuvel (UvA Amsterdam)

14.55 – 15.30, Polly Oskam
"Introducing a Tablet to non speaking adults with a severe form of Autism Spectrum Disorder; an exploratory study"
Advisors: Jaap van den Herik and C. Rieffe (Fac of Social & Behavioural Sciences)

15:40 – 16.15, Dirrik Emmen
"Checkmate! The willingness to accept computer aid"
Advisors: Maarten Lamers and Maaike Harbers (TU Delft)

Room 02:

10.00 – 10.35, Donna Piët
"An Exploration of the Phenomenon of Key-Containers"
Advisors: Bas Haring and Felix Ameka (Fac of Humanities)

10.45 – 11.20, Yang Chen
"An Illusory Control Experience: Catch It!"
Advisors: Bas Haring and Jochen Riester (Hogeschool van Amsterdam)

11.30 – 12.05, Marcello Gómez Maureira
"The Impact of Co-Located Play on Social Presence and Game Experience in Virtual Reality Games"
Advisors: Fons Verbeek and Robin de Lange

12.40 – 13.15, Beryl Noë
"Pay what you want, pay more to be better than the others, or pay less because others do too"
Advisors: Fons Verbeek, Roger Whitaker, Stuart Allen (both Cardiff University)

13.25 – 14:00, Sabrina Verhage
"Track&Trace: improving the chance for serendipitous encounters in urban public space using a drawing bot"
Advisors: Peter van der Putten and Chris Kievid (TU Delft)

14.10 – 14.45, Livia Teernstra
"Studying Moral Foundations using Supervised Machine Learning"
Advisors: Fons Verbeek, Peter van der Putten, Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens (Erasmus Univ Rotterdam)

14.55 – 15.30, Jules Verdijk
"Evolving affective abstract art through measures learned from a corpus of human-made art"
Advisors: Peter van der Putten and Eelco den Heijer (VU Amsterdam)

15:40 – 16.15, Bernd Dudzik
"Having a heart-to-heart: Exploring the capacity of heartbeat-feedback to mediate affective information in interpersonal communication"
Advisors: Peter van der Putten and Joost Broekens (TU Delft)

16:25 – 17.00, Paul Kasteleyn
"Improving depth awareness for divers in free ascend"
Advisors: Peter van der Putten and Olivier van der Post (IT Consultant & diving professional)

Abstracts of all presentations are available on the Media Technology Forum.

28 August 2015