Media Technology MSc

Diploma Ceremony

On Friday September 28, a formal diploma ceremony is held for 21 graduating Media Technology MSc students. This event is public. Family, friends and fellow students of the graduates are explicitly invited. Each graduate is personally addressed by their supervisor, and is handed the Media Technology Master-of-Science diploma.

Leiden University seal


The ceremony is held in room 01 of the Academy Building (Rapenburg 73, Leiden). Graduating students will be addressed in three rounds. During each round, the door will be closed, so makje sure that you enter the room in time to attend the round of your choice. There will 10 minute breaks before and after each round for the graduates and their guests to enter and exit the space.The order in which graduates are addressed within each round is variable.

12.30 – 13.40: Round 1
Thiago Elid Della Monica
Danmeng Lei
Marieke Paardekoper
Anna Chocholi
Yanni Xiong
Hélène Trommelen
Georgios Bouzias

13.50 – 15.00: Round 2
Miguel George Mira Castello
Maik Lanen
Pinhsien Lee
Caspar Silvester
Kaan Koyuncu
Matei Szabo
Maarten van Hees

15.10 – 16.20: Round 3
Sander de Bont
Robin Bergman
Rinske Roeleveld
Robbert Ritmeester
Wouter Moraal
Maral Gurbanzadeh
Lucia Martin Holguin

16.30 – 17.00: Visit to the ‘Zweetkamertje’
In the classic tradition of Leiden University, graduating students sign their name on the walls of the "zweetkamertje" (sweat room), where in olden days students would anxiously await their final exams. The zweetkamertje is located inside the Academy Building. We have reserved a special round for Media Technology graduates 16:30 - 17:00h. You will be allowed into the zweetkamertje on display of your diploma.

17.00 – 17.30: Celebration drink in the Faculty Club (inside the Academy Building). One drink on us for this day’s Media Technology Graduates and their 1st supervisors. Your guest are also welcome to join but their drinks are on your own costs.

Drawings on the walls of het zweetkamertje.

28 September 2018