Media Technology MSc

Diploma Ceremony

On Friday February 23, a formal diploma ceremony is held for graduating Media Technology MSc students. This event is public. Family, friends and fellow students of the graduates are explicitly invited. Each graduate is personally addressed by their supervisor, and is handed the Media Technology Master-of-Science diploma.

Leiden University seal


The ceremony is held in room 01 of the Academy Building (Rapenburg 73, Leiden). The order in which graduates are addressed is variable.

Graduating students are:
Cors BrinkmanMatthijs HilgersStijn van LindenJasper SchellingSam van Tienhoven, and Max Roele.


In the classic tradition of Leiden University, graduating students sign their name on the walls of the "zweetkamertje" (sweat room), where in olden days students would anxiously await their final exams. The zweetkamertje is located inside the Academy Building. The Academy Building receptionist will let you into the zweetkamertje on display of your diploma.

23 February 2018