Media Technology MSc

CRITTERS Expo at Beyond Human Festival

(Image: Lost in the Wild, by Rinus Bot)

When does technology become a creature? Is there a line that separates robots from pets, hardware from humans, software from souls, computers from critters? And if so, what makes that line, and how can we uncover it? Does researching bots with 'unique' human or lifelike qualities make us less or more human? And why should we care?

The CRITTERS exhibition interrogates connections between robots and creatures, one by one. Not by replicating natural creatures, but by letting technology be just that – technology – but viewed in a creature’s context. It explores flying robots among wild birds, painting robots in our urban environments. It contemplates whether machines can be lustful or free. And it witnesses a technological species evolve its communication.

(Image: Hello World, by Nicole de Groot, Joost Mollen & Max Peeperkorn)

In this exhibition creative researchers from Leiden University’s Media Technology M.Sc. program ask questions, construct possibilities, and challenge you to consider when technology becomes a critter.

Exhibiting researchers include Masters and PhD students, staff  and alumni: Joost Mollen, Max Peeperkorn, Nicole de Groot, Louis van den Brink, Cors Brinkman, Marcello A. Gómez-Maureira, Jeroen van Oorschot, Matei Szabo, Rinus Bot, Sabrina VerhageDan Xu, Peter van der Putten and Joost Broekens.

(Image: Tender 2.0, by  Cors Brinkman, Marcello A. Gómez-Maureira, Jeroen van Oorschot, and Matei Szabo)

CRITTERS has been curated by Peter van der Putten and Maarten Lamers as part of their Bots Like You project. CRITTTERS is part of the Beyond Human Festival. Check the Beyond Human website for more information about the works, and other activities and expos at Beyond Human. 

On Wednesday Nov 6 Peter van der Putten will give a talk at the Smart Culture Conference on CRITTERS and Bots Like You (free access to the conference, registration through the website). On this day there is limited access to the expo as the room is also in use fior the confere=nce, check the program for more info.

Location: Naturalis
Dates and times: Nov 4-10, 10:00-17:00
Free entrance. Ask for a wristband for access, buy a ticket for full Naturalis access, or take part in other Beyond Human Activities such as Brave New World or the Smart Culture Conference

4 November - 10 November 2019