Media Technology MSc

Public Graduation Presentation

This Friday Media Technology MSc student Sophie van Gennip will present her graduation research project. In 20-25 minutes she presents her project in English, followed by a 10 minutes' public discussion.

Everyone is invited to attend!

When and where?
Friday August 23rd, 11:00-11:35
Snellius Building (Niels Bohrweg 1, Leiden), room 413

Title and abstract
What’s Going On: An Explorative Study on the Information Processing of Digital Illiterates

This research project encompassed the information processing of digital illiterates when they interacted with technology. First, the problem definition was stated, based on assumptions and experiences from both people with a high sense of technical skills, as those with no skills whatsoever. From here, a methodological framework was formed to tackle the stated issues and investigate how digital illiterates process the information on a screen. As there were no previous researches similar enough to form a control group, this study stated that each person should be able to perform a certain set of operations to function properly within the digital society. The study aimed to lower the total actual cognitive load users’ experiences whilst interacting with the technology – that is, performing the defined set of operations. A website was custom-built based on standard HCI principles and feedback received in the preliminary stages of the study, and a series of exercises were set up. Participants’ performances were monitored through self-report (questionnaires before and after the practical test), time measurements (Keystroke-Level Model) and visual observations (think-aloud principle). Results indicated that there indeed is a correlation between self-reported skill level and performance; a larger sample size would supposedly show a stronger correlation. Coherently, a self-reported low investment of cognitive load correlated with a good KLM score. The evaluations were presumably troubled, as the design of the website’s interface did not take into consideration enough the implicit needs of participants. This explorative study wants to welcome other researchers to follow up on these findings.

Friday August 30th more Media Technology MSc students will present their graduation research projects in the Gravensteen Building. Details will follow asap.

23 August 2019