Media Technology MSc

Lecture ‘Analysis of Social Networks Represented in Stories & Myths’ by Pádraig Mac Carron (Oxford)

The Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science and the MSc in Media Technology have the pleasure to welcome Dr Pádraig Mac Carron in Leiden on the 23rd of May. Dr Mac Carron is affiliated to the Social & Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Group (SENRG) at the University of Oxford, where he researches the structure of social networks. He has a background in statistical physics and holds a Junior Research Fellowship at Wolfson College.
You are cordially invited to join his public lecture taking place Tuesday May 23rd at 4.15pm in room 413 of the Snellius Building.
Public lecture by Dr Pádraig Mac Carron (University of Oxford):
Network Analysis of Myths, Medieval to Modern 

In recent years network analysis has been applied to a plethora of systems. Here we construct and analyse the social networks of societies described in mythology, ranging from myths recorded in ancient times to contemporary ones. We show how different types of stories have different network properties, thereby illustrating how network analysis can shed new light on cultural objects that have a long history of being studied in the Humanities––and, reversely, how such stories can inform computational techniques.
Time                Tuesday 23/5/2017, 4.15pm-5.30pm
Location          room 413, Snellius Building, Niels Bohrweg 1, Leiden.
The lecture will be followed by a reception in the FooBar.














—A graphic representation of social relationships in the Illiad. Curious who is represented by which node? Come to the talk!––

23 May 2017