[course] SSI 2019
Posted: 19 April 2019 06:28 PM
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Dear all,

This message is regarding your presentations on April 23rd and April 29th.

On April 23rd we will have 4 presentations. We will start with the presentation at 11h and end at 12h.
On April 29th we start at 13h30 and end at 18h00. There will be only one 15 minute break in between.
For every presentation there is a slot of 10 minutes. This includes for a short introduction directly followed by the presentation of the actual work and a very brief discussion afterwards. After each presentation there is 5 minutes changeover time. This way we can do 4 presentations per hour. With the large amount of presentations we really have to stick to the schedule.
Please be aware that I’m assuming that the order of the presentations corresponds to the order on Lesley’s list.

I expect everything to be tested, setup, prepared and fully functioning before we start with the presentations. Sure we can swap the audio interface(s) but it is very very important that you have fully tested your setup (in the days) before. We will have to skip presentations that don’t work since there is no time for problem solving / debugging.

As I mentioned before I expect everybody to be present at all presentation and during both days. Only then it makes sense to go for a nice beer in the city.

I’m very much looking forward to both days!!!


p.s. to reduce the pressure on the schedule for the 29th it would be fantastic to have more presentations on the 23rd. You can get in touch with Lesley for this.