Privacy consent in Public Space / Smart Cities (research project in collab with Clever Franke / Sensor Lab)
Posted: 18 January 2019 11:54 AM
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See below for a an internship / research project at Clever Franke. Supervision by Peter van der Putten, email me for further info.

Note that doing that internships projects in Media Tech are relatively uncommon as we have special requirements around working from personal inspiration/fascination and the ability to work autonomously, i.e. be in full control of research questions and approach. Hence such a thesis or elective project will require board approval.


Smart tracking information

The Demystifying the Smart City program includes a research project called Smart Tracking Information. We are looking to create a prototype for a sort of cookie disclaimer for public space. Design some sort of opt in / opt out tool for data gathering in public space.


There are solutions for informing people about what is being tracked and giving them choice to participate.


Show alternative methods for informing people about what is being tracked and giving them opportunities to choose to participate in the Smart City, or not.


When residents become part of a Smart City grid, there is a big chance their data is being tracked without their consent. We will research how we can proactively inform citizens when they are participating in the

Smart City and clarify what is being tracked. We will investigate how can we can enable citizens to ‘opt-in / opt-out’ of data-sharing in a public space. We will therefore investigate the Smart City hardware and see if we can use similar hardware to ‘control’ the Smart City so that people are protected in a ‘smart’ but reasonable way.


Proof of concepts