[Feb 1 2019] 2 PhD Positions in Artistic Research in Norway
Posted: 17 December 2018 10:07 AM
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Two PhD positions in artistic research are being offered below, with a deadline of Feb 1. It requires you to identify a professor that would be interested in your project.

From https://www.jobbnorge.no/en/available-jobs/job/161583/2-phd-positions-in-artistic-research

About the position

The Faculty of Humanities at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology invites applications for two PhD-positions for the new PhD in artistic research. The employment will be for a period of three years.

A PhD in artistic research is the highest form of formal education within the performing and creating arts in Norway. The degree will qualify for artistic research of a high international standard in higher education and for other work in society that requires a high degree of artistic insight and competence, in accordance with academic practice and established standards for discipline-related ethics and research ethics.

A PhD in artistic research must consist of an artistic result together with material that communicates the critical reflection. The new degree is partly based on the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme and the PhD-candidates will be admitted to a new PhD-programme in artistic research at NTNU and a national graduate researcher school in the field.

Qualification requirements

Master degree in the performing or creative arts. Applicants with a different background may be accepted if they can document that they hold an equivalent artistic level in accordance with the second cycle of the Norwegian Qualifications Framework through the project description and other works.
Strong academic and artistic background
Ability to complete and reflect on artistic research at a high level
The applicant must detail the project’s affiliation to existing academic groups at the Faculty of Humanities, NTNU. The application must also contain the name of an intended main supervisor. The main supervisor must be employed at one of the Faculty’s departments and fulfill the requirements for supervising at the doctoral level within artistic research. We recommend that applicants get in touch with the academic group and potential supervisors early in the process. Applications that do not include a main supervisor from one of the Faculty’s departments will not be assessed.

Completion time of the master’s degree will be taken into account. Strategic considerations will be an important part of the selection process.