[Job Offer] Centre for Innovation (Leiden University) is looking for a student assistant for project about VR for Education - Research and Production
Posted: 11 September 2018 01:01 PM
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There is a nice job offer at the Centre for Innovation. It could be the perfect side job for a mediatech student. Former mediatech student Jelger Kroese is working at C4I as well and I am currently hired as a developer for the same project. Let me know if you (like to) apply or want to have more info!

More info here: https://www.centre4innovation.org/about-us/careers/fellow-digital-learning-sept-18

Student Fellow: VR for Education Pilot!
We are looking for a student fellow to launch an exhibition and research educational VR!
Assignment/vacancy description:

Last year we started an innovation pilot involving 6 VR projects. Right now, the pilot is ready for presentation and we need to both celebrate and evaluate. For both of these things we could use some help! First of all, we are organising a VR-event on November 21 to share our lessons learned about this project. Second, we want to conduct research, focussing on the relation between design choices and learning purposes of these experiences. This means we are looking for someone that likes to organize but’s is also comfortable in the role of a researcher in the field of education and or new media.



...Practical tasks in preparation of the event, including facilities, promotion, and other tasks.
...Support during the day, so availability on November 20, 21 and 22nd is a must.


...Helping throughout the whole research project
...Conducting data collection and analysis
...Optional: write for publication / website together
...Optional: start own sub-research with the available data

Who are you?

...You are ideally a MA or 3rd year student with an affinity for the combination of education and technology;
...You like to work in a team, but can manage the day-to-day hectics of the innovation work;
...You can keep track of a planning and work with (tight) deadlines;
...You like to try out new things, but also have the willpower to finish a project and care about little details.
...You are available for 5 to 6 months, starting October 1 latest, for 12-16 hours a week

What skills & knowledge do you have?

...You have experience in organizing events and preferable in basic graphic design;
...You have experience in collecting and analysing data for research purposes;
...You have experience in reporting and writing for research;
...You are fluent in English and preferably Dutch.

Contact info…

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...Together with the team: a sparkling event
...Data collection of the pilot VR experiences
...Data analysis of the gathered data
...Optional: scientific article