Job at Leiden Centre for Innovation - Future of Work Lab coordinator
Posted: 23 July 2018 04:43 PM
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Dear students,

See below for an interesting Job post for a recent grad / starter interested in innovation. It is a role as a lab coordinator for the Future Work Lab of the Leiden University Centre for innovation.

Media tech alumni work(ed) here as well. You can also get more info from Christophe below, refer to this forum post.



We are looking to hire a lab coordinator to support our Future Work Lab.

The contract is for at least four months, 32-40 hours a week, but rather looking for a longer period of time, year or longer. What we offer in return is a lot of in depth coaching and nice work with our partners (PwC, Rijksoverheid etc). So nice place for a recent grad and ambitious candidate. Dutch language is a plus.

The main tasks are: (1) Lab coordination, (2) workshop facilitation, and (3) designing new methods and tools based on research.

You will be part of the Future Work lab and the initiative Agile for Excellence at Centre for Innovation, working on innovation and management methods on the intersection of industry and academia. The initiative supports organizations to excel in innovation and management through research, advice and education. The key question of the lab is: What is agility and how can it help to make our work more effective and more sustainable? Key themes are: Governance and leadership.

•              Coordination of the Agile for Excellence as part of Future Work lab (research advice, education);
•              Support in formulating and carrying out the research agenda of the lab in coordination with partners;
•              Contribute to CFI team through team improvement and method research;
•              Support in supervising master and bachelor students during their thesis research to design new innovation methods and tools
•              Actively disseminating research findings to key stakeholders;
•              Contribute to academic publications;
•              Coordinate hosting of workshops for professionals in collaboration with partners.

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