Public Graduation Presentations Friday, April 13
Posted: 04 April 2018 11:54 AM
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You’re all invited to the Public Graduation Presentations of Rinske Roeleveld and Marieke Paardekoper on Friday, April 13, 2018.
Location: Academy building, room 01, Rapenburg 73, Leiden.

9.00 - 9.35 Rinske Roeleveld
9.40 - 10.15 Marieke Paardekoper

9.00 - 9.35 Rinske Roeleveld
Title:Wayfinding Abilities and Gamer Skills in Portal 2
Abstract: Spatial and wayfinding abilities and video game abilities seem to be linked somehow. This study strives to find out if people who have good wayfinding abilities are also good at playing video games. 115 participants have filled in the Wayfinding Questionnaire, a self-report measure of wayfinding abilities. The outcome of the Wayfinding Questionnaire is compared to a measure of how “good” a player is at playing the game Portal 2, namely the time of completion of the first playthrough of the game. Self-assessed wayfinding abilities correlate with the outcome of the Wayfinding Questionnaire and male participants score significantly higher on the Wayfinding Questionnaire than females. No significant correlation was found between the outcome of the Wayfinding Questionnaire and the first playthrough time. 
Thesis advisors: Maarten Lamers and Ineke van der Ham

9.40 - 10.15 Marieke Paardekoper
Title:Analyzing media influence on piracy behaviour
Abstract: Illegal piracy has been a prevelant problem for many years, and any steps taken against it have often failed. Understanding what factors influence people to pirate could provide a solution in the fight against it. By performing a sentiment analysis on Dutch media written outlets, I focus on one of these factors to determine if it influences in a negative or positive manner. 
Thesis advisors: Max van Duijn and Jaap van den Herik