[Course] Introduction to Programming - Project Presentations (2017)
Posted: 08 January 2018 12:02 PM
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Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you had time to relax and look into 2018 with renewed energy and excitement. On Wednesday and Thursday this week (January 10, and 11) we will meet to check out your course projects. As a reminder, you can find information such as the presentation time-table and project requirements on the course website (http://ip.maro.in). Each group has 15 minutes - out of which you will get a maximum of 10 minutes to present.

Make sure that at least half of your presentation time is spent on describing the functionality of the program in terms of its code. I may ask you to continue on to the code side of your project if your presentation does not feature it within the first 7-8 minutes :)

Your project will be evaluated by me, as well as both teaching assistants. I will take their evaluation into consideration, and will settle on the average of our combined assessment. You should receive your final grade (weekly assignments + exam + project) by the end of this week.

Let me know if you have any questions at this point. Good luck and see you Wednesday / Thursday!


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