[Dec 1] Call for Cyborgs for Robot Love 2018, 1500 euro stipend
Posted: 16 October 2017 10:52 PM
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Call for Cyborgs for an expo at DDW 2018, winners get 1500E support towards building their bot.

Deadline Dec 1 2017


From https://robotlove.nl/home/call-for-cyborgs/

We have been living with robots for longer than we realize. Consider smart fridges and the smart thermostat. Technology continually offers us ways to externalize – cooking, language, agriculture, machines, computers and robots – to increase our chances of survival. However, by designing new technological environments we also influence ourselves. The development of robots challenges us to think about who we want to be, which needs we have and how we would like to share.

The symbiosis of humans and robots is perhaps the ultimate form of love. How will this (be)coming together of man and machine occur? What will we win or lose? What human characteristics need to be preserved for the coming genera- tions? Will we continue to morph ourselves into our own pets or become loving cyborgs? How can humans and robots feel recognized and valued in the process?



Creators, designers, artists, dancers, fans of robots, engineers, futurists, startups and students can all participate. Everybody who wonders what the future will bring and what opportunities and risks lie ahead for a new post-human race. Prosthetics and sensory applications will play their part, but also uploading your brain and sharing intelligence with a super A.I. will become possible. Or think of 3d-printed robotic limbs, DIY-surgery, workshops for happy cyborgs, active digital citizenship. What does all this mean for us and what are the ethical dimensions?



Win € 1.500 to develop their idea into a prototype
Will be coached by ROBOT LOVE, Baltan artists inresidence and MAD Emergent Art.
Participate in the Cyborg Catwalk during ROBOT LOVE/DDW18

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Hey hey! I’m interested in similar projects if anyone is keen.

Not particularly into this topic, however if someone has a passion for it I could support technically.