Public Graduation Presentations Friday, January 22
Posted: 13 January 2016 06:50 PM
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You’re all invited to the Public Graduation Presentations of Daan Oldenhof, Tom Rijntjes, Eva Aussems, Yasser Arenas.

Friday, January 22, 2016
Gravensteen Building room 0.11, Pieterskerkhof 6, 2311 SR, Leiden


15.00 – 15.35 Daan Oldenhof
15.45 – 16.20 Tom Rijntjes
16.30 – 17.05 Eva Aussems
17.15 – 17.50 Yasser Arenas

15.00 – 15.35 Daan Oldenhof
Title: Can a Physical 3 Dimensional Display Improve Understanding Topographic Maps for People With a Low Spatial Ability?
Abstract: With the recent developments of shape changing materials, possibilities rise to create a physical three dimensional representation of a topographic map. Our study investigates the differences in the understanding of a 2D and 3D view of a terrain and a physical representation of the terrain. Furthermore, we correlate our findings with the spatial ability score, derived from a spatial visualization test executed for each participant. We have conducted an experiment to test the participant’s terrain understanding on different displays (2D, 3D and physical 3D). The spatial ability of the participants was measured and a correlation is expected to be found; We expect a larger increase in performance for participants with a low spatial ability between a 3D display and a physical 3D display than for those with a high spatial ability.
Thesis advisors: Edwin van der Heide and Tim N. Höffler

15.45 – 16.20 Tom Rijntjes
Title: On the Viability of Automated Entrepreneurship
Abstract: This research explores the technological complexity and economic desirability of creating a Synthetic Organism Enterprise. The SOE is defined as an artificial agent simultaneously satisfying the conditions for being a life-form and a business. An engineering framework is presented. Business leaders are interviewed to assess the desirability and viability of an automated, genetic approach to entrepreneurship.
Thesis advisors: Bas Haring and Matthew Gladden

16.30 – 17.05 Eva Aussems
Title: Context Photojournalism
Abstract: This research investigates the value of reality in photojournalism by arguing that a 360-degree photo in addition to a framed photo makes a news-event more objective. Nowadays a 360-degree photo is as close to reality as it can get. Will a 360-degree photo add valuable context to a framed image?
Thesis advisors: Fons Verbeek and Max van Duijn

17.15 – 17.50 Yasser Arenas
Title: A test for a Lovelace Machine
Abstract: The aim of this study is to find to what extent computers can assist humans in the creative process of writing titles. To this end, a computer tool was designed that suggests random titles to users. This paper gives a detailed description of both the development of the system used in the tests and the tests applied to the participants. Around 90 participants divided in two groups, completed two tasks which consisted of giving a non-fixed number of titles for two pictures. One of the two groups was allowed to use a template-based system for generating titles, the other group did not use any tools.
Thesis advisors: Peter van der Putten