Computers in 406 & more. 
Posted: 10 December 2015 11:43 AM
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Dear people,

I cherish the fact that we have such a great place as 406, therefor I want to take good care of it! smile

Since my laptop broke down, I was allocated to one of the mac in 406.
Then I discovered that only one is usable, however even that one has ‘problems’.
Lost password, unable to update, old software, restrictions, can not install software, can’t open e.g. google drive etc.

Therefor I would like to fix them so they become usable again for everyone to use! smile
I’ve asked Edwin and he is okay with the fact I’m going to format them.

So: do you have something on these mac which you want to keep*? Save it on a USB a.s.p.!

Also, (of course) they are chained to the table.
Does anyone know more about the key / can I borrow it so I can untangle them?  (And when someone would like to borrow one for a project).

Dirty dishes:
There are dirty mugs etc I want to take out of the way.
The Coffee machine hal molt and there is also no fitting ‘can’ for it. There is a espressomaschine in 413.
Has anyone an emotional bond with these things*? Otherwise I clean it up and make a bigger working place.

There is a drawer with all dried up paint. Can I throw this away?*

Throughout the room there are building materials (such as wires, pvc, wood etc) WITHOUT a name.
Is yours among this?* Otherwise I think everyone is free to use it and I will collect it. smile

If you use something (such as the working bench / tools); please put everything back when you are done smile
When I find the time I will make a toolboard.

Happy Making!
- Mark

*Now answer before christmas= “It belongs to no one, do whatever you like Mark! smile

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Nice initiative - Maarten has the key for the chains.