The Institute of Council is looking for new members
Posted: 13 October 2015 10:32 AM
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A message on behalf of the Institute Council:

Dear students,

It is now election time for the Institute Council (IC). The goal of the IC is to actively cooperate in how the institute is managed. By actively cooperating we hope to directly and indirectly influence the social and scientific climate of the institute.
The Institute Council seeks people who are willing to participate, and invites you all to put yourself candidate for joining the IC.
Students and PhD students will be elected for a period of one year, other staff members for two years. More information about the IC can be found on our website:
There you can find e.g. minutes of our regular meetings. Of course you can also ask one of the present members of the Institute Council.

If you want to actively participate and want to represent you fellow students, please send an email before Wednesday 21 October 2015 to the current chair of the IC:
Marcello Bonsangue m.m.bonsangue[at]

We hope to hear from you!

the Institute Council