Media Technology user experience/insights?
Posted: 30 September 2015 02:29 PM
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Hello everyone!

I am Jasper, and on the hunt for a master’s program and in serious consideration of applying for Media technology in Leiden.

I am 30 years old and currently employed as a junior designer/researcher at HAN university of applied sciences, which means I’ll have to work around (heh) following the master’s program part-time. I am mostly exploring the edges of persuasive technology and networked applications, often in the public or healthcare domain.

I am very interested in your experiences of the program, and how you use and experience the freedom in pursuing interests of choice the program seems to offer, and in particular if there are any kindred spirits out there who face a similar area of expertise/part-time situation!

If anyone would be willing to share me some insights over a friendly chat or a beer, I’d much appreciate it! (and the drinks will be on me, naturally)

The catch is I live in Nijmegen, (though often hang around in Utrecht), so if anyone happens to be somewhat nearby that would be especially cool grin

If anyone feels like writing sharing some experiences some other way you can also contact me at jasperjeurens[at]


Posted: 03 October 2015 02:42 PM   [ # 1 ]
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Hey Jasper,

I have recently finished the Media Technology program and have been in a somewhat similar situation back when I started it two years ago. At the time I was 29 years old, and worked as a game design / graphic design freelancer which I continued to do over the course of my Master. My personal experience with the Media Technology program has been great, and while there have been courses that I enjoyed more than others, overall I consider the Media Technology Master as the best institutionalized education I have received in my life so far.

However, there is a catch: I think if I had looked for an education that prepares me for a specific purpose or career, the Media Technology Master would not have been the best choice. Its strength lies, at least in my opinion, in the freedom it provides and the range of topics it allows students to explore. So in your case, there will certainly be opportunities to further push the boundaries of persuasive technologies, but you should be prepared to participate in courses that have only little immediate value to areas that are relevant to you. On the other hand - the magic word is ‘immediate value’, as broadening your horizon in this way can introduce new research angles over time that wouldn’t have emerged without exploring a wider range of topics.

I would love to pick you up on your offer of sharing a drink - but unfortunately I no longer live in the Netherlands :) If you happen to be on Facebook, look for the Media Technology group as students seem to be a bit more reactive there than on the forum. Good luck in your search and keep Media Tech in mind as what could be the strongest contender for curious and independent researchers, as well as artists with a strong (!) focus on science.


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