Media Technology MSc

International Students

The Media Technology MSc programme has many nationalities among its students. The program is completely taught in the English language. See Leiden University's website about admission to Master's programmes for more information and the online official international application form. The same website contains also much information about finances and other useful information. The Student and Educational Affairs office can also fill you in on all procedures and scholarship possibilities. Besides sending the application form we request you also to inform our programme coordinator by email about your admission. This way we can follow your admission from our side as well.

For international students who need to apply for a visa, the official deadline for returning the application form is April 1st. In case the deadline expired, it is still possible to apply for the program, but we can not guarantee that the admissions process will be finalized before the deadline of application for the visa.

International students who don't need a visa, can apply for the program until June 15th. Bear in mind that late admission can cause problems with housing facilities provided by the University Housing Office. You might need to arrange housing yourself. (if you have missed this deadline, contact the Media Technology programme coordinator!) Late application also might result in admission per February 1st instead of September 1st. It is indeed possible to start your studies in February, but this is advised against by the Media Technology Educational Board. The curriculum is built up from starting in September. Starting in February might be unfavorable for your study results. If you have any question regarding the Media Technology MSc programme, admissions, or deadlines, please contact the programme coordinator. It is advised for international students to inform the programme coordinator of your plans to apply for the Media Technology MSc programme. We may be able to assist your further and make your application easier.