Media Technology MSc

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I talk to someone about the Media Technology programme?

We organize information evenings in Autumn, Spring and early Summer where you can meet staff and students. These are announced in the News section of our homepage. Individual meetings on other days are possible, if it fits in our schedules.

Can I enter the Media Technology programme with my bachelor degree?

In principle, students with any bachelors degree are admittable. All applications are reviewed by the programme’s Admissions Committee, which advises Leiden University to accept or decline applications.

I haven't yet completed my bachelor programme, can I start already?

You must have a bachelor degree to be entered into the Media Technology programme. In some cases we admit students who have nearly completed their bachelor, but such requests are always reviewed on an individual basis.

I need to work for money during my studies, is that possible?

The Media Technology programme is full-time, and you must collaborate with full-time students very much. We advise not to work more than one day a week. Experience has shown us that working more is not possible alongside the programme.

Can I complete the programme in one year?


Do you admit students from other programmes into your courses?

Students from other programmes (also outside Leiden University) are welcome in most of our courses, but not all. Contact the programme coordinator for the possibilities and requests. Whether your own programme accepts the credits is up to them, not us.

Should I prepare for studies, once I am accepted?

Yes, that could be wise. See our page on how to prepare for studying in the Media Technology MSc program.