Media Technology MSc

Introduction to Programming

Objective To learn computer programming in such a way that technology will not be a holdback for executing a project.
Teacher(s) Marcello A. Gómez Maureira
Course Level 400
ECTS Credits 4
Number of Classes 10
Examination Assignments and a written exam

The Introduction to Programming course deals with the basic principles of programming: what is programming and how to write a program to achieve a task? The objective of the course is to get familiar with programming technology in order to prepare students for later projects in which computer technology is employed.

The fundamentals of programming are discussed by means of the relatively easy language Processing, that is similar to Java. The Processing language simplifies programming of visual programs, and yields immediate graphical output. It is ideal for understanding the basics of computer programming. Additionally the basics of Pure Data are included in the course.

Small assignments help students apply the topics discussed in class and larger assignments on which they can release their creativity. During lab time there is assistance present to help students with specific aspects of the assignments.