Media Technology MSc

Human Computer Interaction & Information Visualization

Objective Knowledge of theory and underlying mechanisms of interface design, combined with hands-on experience.
Teacher(s) Fons Verbeek
Course Level 400
ECTS Credits 6
Number of Classes 26
Examination Assignments, final project, paper and written exam
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This course covers theory and underlying mechanisms of human-computer interface design and implementation. The theoretical part deals with topics such as human perception, cognitive processes, limitations of human memory, metaphors, icons, widgets and user-centered design. During lab-time the underlying implementation of interfaces is discussed. Topics covered are (amongst others) object-oriented interface design, basic computer graphics, event handling, windowing systems, toolkits and cut/copy/paste techniques.

The course is very much hands-on oriented; the results of the lab assignments play an important role in the determination of a students’ final result. This course is also being attended by Computer Science students. Media Technology students are expected to actively participate with them.