Media Technology MSc

Graduation Project

Objective To develop, research and describe a complete scientific project, preferably alone.
Course Level 600
ECTS Credits 30

Each student must choose an individual topic or theme on which he/she would like to graduate. To complete the graduation project, a students must formulate her/his own scientific question and setup a research to answer it. Personal inspiration can play a large role in coming up with a research question, and creativity is often required to answer it.

Graduation project output

The research motivation, context, method and outcome are described by the student in a scientific style paper, that in principle could be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal or conference. Such a paper is typically 10-15 pages. However, other thesis formats are allowed, such as books, columns, and popular science works. Most graduation projects create some product to answer the research question: something that can be "experienced" -- seen, smelled, tasted, touched or heard.

Are you planning to graduate?

Then read the detailed Graduation Project Procedures.