Media Technology MSc

Workshop “Tinkering in Scientific Education” at ACE 2013 conference

Media Technology lecturers Maarten Lamers, Fons Verbeek & Peter van der Putten together organize a workshop about "Tinkering in Scientific Education" at the upcoming Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE 2013) in Twente, November 2013.

Tinkering is science and education

Workshop Tinkering in Scientific EducationCreating new knowledge is the focus of scientific research. “Making new knowledge”, or tinkering as a mode of scientific study is a strategy adopted by plenty of scientists and the theme of the ACE 2013 conference. Given that scientific research and education go hand-in-hand, it is not surprising that tinkering as a mode of education is adopted in various academic programs worldwide. Arduino, Makey Makey, creative computing with Processing are examples to be found within many curricula and courses.

ACE conference seriesThis workshop aims to bring together those who adopted tinkering as part of their education, and those who wish to learn about this. Participants will share experiences, develop strategies and tackle problems. The format is workshop-oriented and interactive, without actual tinkering. A particular focus is placed on the role of tinkering-oriented education within a research-oriented environment. Questions addressed are a.o. How can the inherent open-endedness of tinkering coexist with fixed research agendas? To what degree can knowledge construction be expected from tinkering students? How to evaluate results of tinkering? When does tinkering end and research begin?

12 November 2013