Media Technology MSc

Lorentz workshop: The Future of Art-Science Collaborations

In early October 2013, Leiden University organizes an international workshop on The Future of Art-Science Collaborations. The workshop is hosted by the Lorentz Center for Workshops in the Sciences, and international scientists and artists will attend. It is co-organized by lecturers of the Media Technology MSc program.

The ambition to (re)unite art and science has given birth to a large number of so-called artscience collaborations. These projects are often met with great enthusiasm. But what to make of them? What is the rationale behind art-science collaborations and how valuable are they really? The workshop "The Future of Art-Science Collaborations" aims to take a friendly, open-minded but critical position as it explores the more fundamental aspects of art-science collaborations.

Leiden University's Lorentz Center is an international center that coordinates and hosts workshops in the sciences, based on the philosophy that science thrives on interaction between creative researchers. Lorentz Center workshops focus on new collaborations and interactions between scientists from different countries and fields, and with varying seniority.

To learn more about the workshop's aims, organizers and confirmed participants, visit the workshop webpage.

7 October - 11 October 2013