Media Technology MSc

Interactive toys for dogs, graduation project in Mare Magazine

Chi-Sparks 2014 logoMedia Technology student Annika Geurtsen developed a digital interactive toy for dogs, and studies its effect on the Cortisol stress-hormone of home-alone dogs. Her passion for dogs sparked this interesting research question, and she hopes to become a researcher in the field of Animal Welfare Informatics, an up-and-coming branch of social-informatics.

Meanwhile, Annika's work has caught the attention of "Universiteit Leiden Vrijplaats", a creative breeding-place for commercial ideas and spin-off companies. Although Annika's research is ongoing, and the Cortisol results are not yet in, Mare Magazine wrote about this graduation project, in Dutch only unfortunately (on ISSUU).

(The photograph of Annika and Gino was made by Marc de Haan, and gratefully copied by us from the article on Mare's website.)

7 June 2014