Media Technology MSc

CHI-Sparks 2014 Conference, Den Haag

On April 3 2014, the Chi-Sparks 2014 conference is held in Den Haag, hosted by the Haagse Hogeschool. It is the major Dutch human-computer interaction scientific conference, and is held in the English language. Media Technology students traditionaly submit works to the conference, such as papers and demo's, Several Media Technology staff members and alumni are involved in the organization of Chi-Sparks 2014.

Chi-Sparks 2014 logoOur students are encouraged to attend Chi-Sparks 2014 and to submit their papers and demo's. Deadlines for submission are Jan 6 (papers) and Feb 17 (posters and demonstrations).

Visit the Chi-Sparks 2014 website.

3 April 2014