Media Technology MSc

Biological-digital games blog online

Media Technology researchers Wim van Eck and Maarten Lamers started a blog about their research into "hybrid biological-digital games" — digital games and artistic works that incorporate biological components, such as bacteria, cells, animals, and plants. Main purpose of the blog is to offer a database of bio-digital hybrid projects, either scientific or artistic. Examples include pigeons that guide real bombs, rat neurons that fly virtual planes, computer games against trees, and living cells that design virtual worlds. Furthermore the blog offers news about bio-digital hybrid systems. Wim and Maarten have studied bio-digital hybrid games since 2005. Interested? Then... • check out the blog at • read about our project that started it all: PacMan against crickets • see our related publications about: – playing PacMan against real cricketsopportunities of hybrid bio-digital computer gameshybrid bio-digital systems in arts and entertainment
4 January 2013