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Augmented reality magazine AR[t] #4 online

AR[t] Magazine issue #4 is available online! It contains contributions by Media Technology staff Hanna Schraffenberger, Ionica Smeets, and Maarten Lamers, former student Wim van Eck, and current student Joanna Coelho.

AR[t] is an inspiring magazine series for the emerging augmented reality community inside and outside the Netherlands. Issue #4 offers a wide range of articles discussing the possibilities, and even some drawbacks of AR.

AR[t] Magazine is published by the AR Lab for augmented reality, a collaboration of the Royal Academy of Arts (Den Haag), Delft University of Technology, and Leiden University's Media Technology group. In AR[t] Magazine we share our interest in augmented reality, discuss its applications in the arts and provide insight into the underlying technology.

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28 November 2013