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Augmented reality magazine AR[t] #3 online

AR[t] Magazine issue #3 is available online! It contains contributions by Media Technology staff members Hanna Schraffenberger, Edwin van der Heide and Maarten Lamers, and former Media Technology students Antal Ruhl, Robin de Lange and Wim van Eck.

AR[t] is an inspiring magazine series for the emerging augmented reality community inside and outside the Netherlands. Issue #3 offers a wide range of articles discussing the possibilities, and even some drawbacks of AR.

AR[t] Magazine is published by the AR Lab for augmented reality, a collaboration of the Royal Academy of Arts (Den Haag), Delft University of Technology, and Leiden University's Media Technology group. In AR[t] Magazine we share our interest in augmented reality, discuss its applications in the arts and provide insight into the underlying technology.

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15 May 2013