[IP] finishing the Max/MSP part of IP
Posted: 12 January 2011 10:55 PM
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Hello everybody,

To finish the Max/MSP part of the Introduction to Programming course, please send me one or more patches for each of the three assignments. Make sure your patches are somewhat structured (no patch cable spaghetti) and are documented by means of comments. Explain how data flows through the patch and what is done to that data in the different sections of the patch. You are encouraged to use color; Max/MSP is a graphical programming environment after all.
Structure and document such that someone who has never seen the patch and does not know the assignments could understand what the patch does.
You do not have to comment on each and every object; you can assume that person would know Max/MSP.

This is in effect a fourth assignment - the structuring and documenting of your earlier work. Please take it seriously. I will email the people who are excused from this fourth assignment (because their earlier work was already adequate). If you are not sure and you have not heard from me, make sure your patches meet the requirements and send them again.

Please zip or rar your patches, and use your full name in the filename of the archive.
Your patches should be in my inbox by Wednesday the 19th of January.

Best regards,

PS: A few examples of patch structuring and commenting:

1. A nicely structured and documented by Ronald. You do not have to include the full text of the assignment.

2. A well documented patch by Berber.

3. An example made by me. You do not have to be this detailed in your commenting.