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Posted: 03 July 2017 03:26 PM
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Dear all,

In recent weeks quite a few students have asked us about gaming-themed electives. Here are a few suggestions and links to help you in your applications for electives (general procedure regarding electives can be found on the Media Technology website).

First of all there is the brand-new minor in Game Studies, featuring courses in game-making as well as cultural analysis of games:
It is important to note that all courses part of a minor are undergraduate courses. In principle you can thus only use the credits in as far as your elective space provides room for undergraduate courses (see again procedures). However, there are negotiations going on at the moment of which the outcome *may* be that part of the gaming minor can be complemented by an extra assignment, so that you can pitch up the credits to MSc level. To be continued.

Secondly, there is a course in VR and learning taught by Robin de Lange:
This course is part of the Honours College, which has two consequences:
- only a limited amount of students can participate after applying to the course;
- in principle this course is honorary, meaning that you cannot follow it for credits.

If any of these courses fits your plans and dreams, do write an application soon and we’ll have a look at it at the board meeting.


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For completeness, here is a link to the rules and procedures regarding elective courses, that Max refers to above: